Business consulting services at a glance

If you’re looking for comprehensive business consulting services,
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How to start business consulting?

First of all, we have to talk and discuss your current situation and future needs. Then we will setup an individual business consulting process.

After an initial situation analysis we define a proper business plan. Unlike large business consulting firms, Marcel’s approach is much more practical since our common goal is usually fast and lasting success.

The business consulting process

business consulting process switzerland

Business consulting salary

Unlike large business consulting firms, our consulting salary is way below $ 1,000 per hour. In fact, it’s more likely that we define individual rates based on the complexity and the duration of your project.

Furthermore, a business consultants salary is also about expenses. If you decide to book online consulting the fees will be lower. Contrary, the fee will be higher if we have to meet in person. It’s up to you to chose the right package. Hence, it’s always good to start with a clarifying conversation.

client testimonial

Our business suffered from a lack of new clients. While existing customers ordered less and less. Thanks to Marcel, we gained new valuable clients in no time.

Guido Blaser – Senior director at Blaser Team ltd

Business consulting online

As a leading online business consulting firm, Marcel can support you 1:1 or online via phone, skype or any other collaboration tool. Depending on your project and your needs, online consulting can be very effective and less expensive than face-to-face consulting.

With many years of experience in online business consulting, Marcel knows how to get things done quickly. Easy and simple processes will make online business consulting a very positive experience for you. Benefit from his know-how and book first consultation for free right now.

client testimonial
There is nothing better than helping leaders expand their business. Being a part of success in different areas is the excitement of a consultant.

Marcel Isler – Transformative Consulting & Interim Management

The right consultant can make a huge difference

Making the right business decision is not easy.
Marcel can help you verify your approach!
You’re still undecided or having a question?
Talk to Marcel to check how he can support you.

FAQ about business consulting services

How to start business consulting?

All you need is to call Marcel Isler at +41 55 214 16 16. He will help you step by step to receive business consulting services or to become a consultant yourself.

How much does business consultants make?

This is very much depending on your business needs and your objectives. Usually, we use our best practice process and the following structure: 1. We define objectives together; 2. We analyze your current situation; 3. We align business goals; 4. We develop unique strategies; 5. We implement solutions; And 6. we will monitor KPI's, progress and the success and if needed, we redefine and adjust a solution

How much do business consultants charge?

Depending on your situation and your project needs, a business consultant costs an average of $ 300 per hour. Big names in the consulting market charging $ 1,000 per hour and more.

What business consultants do?

We help you become more successful, increase efficiency, decrease costs, and make your business more profitable. As business leaders are aware, in each area of a company, there is always something we can make better, faster, or safer. A good business consultant can help you identify pains and needs, and finally implement solutions for you.

What is business consulting services?

The services vary depending on the type of business you run and the sector you're in. Generally, an experienced business consultant can help you in every field and any situation. This can be in increasing manufacturing output, increase Sales & Marketing efficiency, decrease costs, or optimizing business processes.

What is the process of consultancy?

The process for a professional consultancy is very much straight forward: 1. Together you will define objectives; 2. Then the consultant will analyze the current situation; 3. He will align your goals; 4. The consultant will develop tactics and strategies to reach targets; 5. Joint implementation of defined solutions; 6. Monitor success and adapt the strategy if needed.