Management consulting for start-ups

Consulting for start-ups can help business founders.
Marcel will support you in all aspects. The experienced start-up consulting provider,
has founded hundreds of start-ups in different sectors. Find out more below…

Start-up funding consultant

First of all, Marcel can help you as your start-up funding consultant. Healthy finances are the foundation of every successful company. Together, we can discuss whether your funds are enough to start your new business. Maybe you need a business angel or a corporate loan. It all starts with a proper financial planning and a proven financing concept.

Let Marcel help you to make the right decisions. Otherwise the risk is high, that your start-up is one of the 50% that doesn’t survive the first three years. A good business idea is key, but more important is the question of financing it. Marcel is a very experience start-up funding consultant. Benefit from his advice, to reduce your entrepreneurial risks and to ensure the success of your start-up.

5 start-up advices from successful entrepreneurs

hierarchy of startup needs by rosenbaum

How to founding a start-up

You have a business idea and now you want to know how to founding a start-up? You came exactly to the right place. It’s actually very easy to found a start-up but you should really think about every aspect before you get lost.

Hence, it’s a very good decision to hire Marcel as your Start-up Consultant. He knows exactly what is needed to start a successful business. He will accompany you during and after the foundation of your company. Together, we will write a proper business plan as a first step. Secondly, we secure appropriate funding for your business. Then as a third step, we will surround yourself with the right people. Finally, we can build a website, find the right business location, and workout an amazing marketing concept. Are you ready to take off?

client testimonial

Without Marcel’s help our start-up would certainly have got stuck half way. We owe the successful setup to him alone.

Markus Schoekle – Co-Founder of

Sales & marketing consulting for start-ups

You have successfully founded your start-up? Success is not forthcoming? Let Marcel help you to archive your goals. If you’re looking for a client oriented sales consultant or an experienced marketing crack, then you came to the right place.

Together we can build your vision and mission statement. Next, he will create an awesome strategy together with a practicable marketing plan. Let’s engage your clients via your website as well as over social media. A professional media campaign is not always expensive. Oh, maybe you simply need new clients?Marcel can be your personal sales manager as well. Let’s talk and define what exactly your business needs to become successful too.

client testimonial

The first job of an interim manager is to love people. Interim management without love is manipulation.

Marcel Isler – Transformative Consultant & Interim Management

Upwork startup consultants cannot compete

Sure, you can hire a cheap start-up consultant on Upwork.
Just think about competitiveness! It’s your key to success.
In order to properly set up your new business, you have to think big.
Talk to Marcel first and find out yourself why he’s called the #1 Start-up Consultant.

Business plan template with example worksheet needed?

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FAQ about start-up consulting

What does a startup consultant do?

A startup consultant will accompany you through the whole founding process. Furthermore, he can give you expert advice on all aspects. When you start your first business you'll have to answer hundreds of questions you might not even thought about. An experienced startup consultant will insure that your business plan becomes a success before you even start.

Should startups hire consultants?

If its your first time founding a company then the answer is absolutely yes. You might have launched a company but business is not getting on the success stage, then a startup consultant can help you too.

Where can I find a startup business consultant near me?

You can find a startup consultant near you by using google search. Maybe even more important is the level of experience of the consultant you will hire. In the 21st the best startup consultant can help you online or via Skype as well.

Where to find free startup consulting ?

You might find tons of advice via google. But be careful. Fake news are all over the internet. When you start your own business as an entrepreneur, you should only listen to proven and detailed advice. The bad news: profound and professional consulting is never free of charge.

What is the salary of a startup consultant?

Real expertise might be a bit costly. Also compared to the loss of capital and time, most salaries are inexpensive. You can trust that startup consulting fees are well worth the money. Depending on the amount of questions you have and the type of business case, a professional startup consultant will charge you $ 150 per hour or more. Fixed prices for a whole project are very common as well and usually discounted too.