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If you’re looking for total flexibility, then you can book
interim management services. As an interim management provider, Marcel can help with
Executive and Project Management services. Check details below…

Interim management Switzerland

Based in the heart of Switzerland, Marcel is able to provide interim management solutions all over Switzerland. If you’re willing to pay for travel expenses, then the service can be provided international. As a Swiss citizen, Marcel is fluent in Swiss-German, German, English (C2), and French (C1).

He can work for you all over Europe or anywhere else in the world. Marcel is a very experience interim manager. Strategically strong, analytically versed, process orientated and a practitioner with hands-on mentality.

Interim management solutions

interim management services in switzerland

Interim management fees

Our interim management fees are worth it and never expensive. Unlike large interim management companies or interim manager agencies, our fees are way below $ 2,000 per day. In fact, it’s more likely that we define individual rates. Based on the complexity and project duration, you’ll get a fair offer.

Furthermore, it’s always smart to invest in interim management fees. If capacities are missing or complex tasks are pending, we’re here for you. Don’t lose any time. Let’s get work done. Ask for a quotation right now!

client testimonial

We are always delighted how quickly and efficiently Marcel implements new projects. With his comprehensive experience and flexibility, we were able to increase sales efficiency by almost 200%.

Peter Zuber – Director Industrial Businesses at 3M Switzerland ltd

Online interim management or on site

Online interim management? How does this work? For example, if your project is about IT, business software or a CRM tool, then Marcel can work 100% remotely. Interim management meetings can be held via phone, video conference or skype. Whatever you prefer. Call it the most effective and less expensive art of interim management.

Sure, if our project is about people management, processes or client relations, then we should work together on site. Marcel is completely flexible. In the way he works, as well as the type of work that needs to get done. Benefit from his know-how too. Book a free initial consultation now.

client testimonial

The first job of an interim manager is to love people. Interim management without love is manipulation.

Marcel Isler – Transformative Consultant & Interim Management

The right interim manager will make a big difference

Lack of resources is hampering growth.
Marcel can increase your business success!
You still have questions or even doubts?
Then talk to Marcel and convince yourself.

FAQ about interim management

What is interim management?

An interim manager is a highly experienced executive, specialized in general management and project management. A manager you can employ for a short time to solve a specific business problem.

How long does an interim management contract last?

This is completely up to you. Depending on the business case or project that needs to be done, the interim manager contract can last for days, months or even for several years.

Why interim management?

If your business is short on human resources or your company has a lack of know-how in a specific area, then interim management is your solution. An interim manager can help you to get things done. Efficient, flexible, with the necessary experience.

What is the daily rate for interim management?

Rates of an interim manager vary. Rates are depending on the level of management experience and the task. Basically, the daily rate of interim management ranges between $ 1,000 up to $ 2'000.

What is the meaning of interim?

Interim meaning is temporary of limited in time. In contrast to regular human resources, an interim manager is self-employed. You can hire a manager just like a freelancer.